Leading Lighthouses

The UK is home to hundreds of hidden coves and picturesque surfing beaches as well as renowned lighthouses to visit in Cornwall well worth exploratory endeavours.

Our Cornish Sand & Stone destinations are conveniently located to some of these seafaring guides that perfectly blends outdoor adventures with a luxury getaway.

With opulent cottages in St Ives, such as Coxswain’s Cottage or Moon Shadow, travellers are situated in the midst of breath taking sea views, chic design-led interiors and opportunities to tick-off the lighthouses to visit in Cornwall.


Situated 3.5 miles across the St Ives Bay, Godrevy Lighthouse sits atop a slate bedrock, known as Godrevy Island, that spans deep into the Atlantic Ocean. Whilst the island lives up to its Cornish name “little huts, little homesteads” as a peaceful home for gulls and pipits, the hidden jagged reef below wrought havoc on incoming coastal passengers and commercial trade ships.

After tragedy struck in late November 1854, claiming the lives of all passengers aboard an iron screw steamer called Nile, the maritime organisation, Trinity House, was quick to take action. In 1859 they erected the Godrevy Lighthouse that still stands and functions as an ocean guide today.

Godrevy Lighthouse

Trinity House is a charity incorporated by Royal Charter in 1514 by Henry VIII. Their mission is to provide reliable aid for the benefit and safety of all mariners and ensure all British commercial shipping crew are properly trained before taking to the seas. They take pride in the 60 lighthouses they oversee across England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.

Lighthouses to visit in cornwall

All of the Trinity House lighthouses are located in spectacularly beautiful locations. Many of our Sand & Stone properties also happen to be located in these areas. An escape to Mousehole at the mystical one bedroom Harbour Moon will place guests a short drive from the Tater Du lighthouse, located on the South Cornwall coast.

Just a short day trip to Lands End in Sennen will lead you to the perfect viewing point for another infamous landmark, the Longships Rocks. Just a mile off the coast, these rocks also brought turmoil to an area with no aids of navigation. An innumerable amount of ships met their fate at these rocks, yet it was said this was beneficial to coastal dwellers at the time who practiced wrecking — salvaging valuable contents from the fallen vessels.

In 1791 a tower was built on the largest rock, Corn Bras, by Trinity House architect Samuel Wyatt. However, its height proved to be inadequate, at just 12 meters tall, and its light was often obscured by raging ocean waves. So Trinity House replaced the tower in 1875 with what is now the Longships Lighthouse. It was manned by four men up until 1988 when it was modernised and automated.

So whilst you’re planning your itinerary for the lighthouses to visit in Cornwall, why not secure your spot at one of the design-lead cottage we have in Cornwall. Romantic wanders of family-friendly days out, we have cottages to suit all.

All photos courtesy of Trinity House