About Sand & Stone Escapes

Sand & Stone Escapes began as a company called Beachspoke that was founded in 2012.

As of November 2019, our coastal and countryside portfolio has taken a new direction and we want to share with you our thoughts behind our journey and where we see Sand & Stone Escapes developing in the future.

Beachspoke was born out of a passion for design, quality and unique holiday stays within the UK. Our flagship property, Black Moon, is a decadent beachfront apartment situated on the shores of St Ives, which has become synonymous with the brand. We pride ourselves on a carefully curated, high-quality portfolio but as we have gradually expanded, our small collection has grown to include properties not only in Cornwall, but also the beautiful locations of the Cotswolds, Devon, Oxfordshire and Isle of Skye. Each of our cottages have their unique style whereby favourites are quickly made and our guests often return, whether it be for a special occasion, festive getaway or simply a midweek treat.

With the variety of properties we have across both coast and countryside steadily growing, we wanted our new brand name to reflect both the coastal boltholes and charming countryside cottages that are so well loved whilst also mirroring the importance the surrounding areas have on the design and décor of each property. After seven years known as Beachspoke, we felt this no longer reflected our company story and Sand & Stone Escapes was created.

Sand & Stone Escapes focusses on reinventing the self-catered holiday but our personal approach to each individual property is also reflected in how we treat the business from an owner’s perspective. Our Managing Director meets with each property owner personally to ensure it is given the just time and attention as part of our Sand & Stone Escapes portfolio. Keeping our collection select means we know every detail about each property, ensuring guests feel their stay is as special as the very first time. As Sand & Stone Escapes grows further into lettings, we are committed to maintaining the high quality and luxurious style of the holiday rentals we have in our collection and ensuring owners feel they have personal contact with our team.

We are extremely excited to see where this new chapter in our history will take us. Click the link below to explore our collection.